Gulab Jamum-Better then Cake

I don’t actually plan on turning this into a cooking blog and this will be the only or one of the few cooking posts.

The first time I made Gulab Jamun it didn’t come out. It didn’t the 2nd time either. It broke and fell apart during the frying but my husband still happily ate it. It wasn’t perfect but it tasted good.

I even asked my husband to ask my mother in law if she knew what I was doing wrong but she doesn’t make Gulab Jamun and couldn’t ofter any advice that helped.

Finally I asked a Indian friend to teach me. So one afternoon I spent a little over an hour learning. Turns out I was only making a few small few errors. Mostly becasue the directions on the back of the mix were not clear.

They are very simple and only take about an hour or less. And they are hard to mess up as long as you know the basic steps.

I use a mix that I get from the Indian grocery stores. It’s only husband and me so I make half the package. You just put the mix in a bowl and slowly add in milk. Once the dough is all wet and sticks together you start shaping into small balls. Put them on a plate and under wet paper towels.

Heat a few inches of oil in a sauce pan. Drop a tiny piece into the oil, if it comes right back up the oil is ready. About medium heat. Drop in 3 at a time and using a spoon keep them moving so the cook


Once golden brown, put on paper towels.

Once a bit cool put in sugar syrup. Which is about 3 cups water, with two cups sugar, boiled together until dissolved. Gulab Jamum is supposed to be very sugary. You can change based on taste. You can also add cardamom power and other sweet spices.

Let soak for a bit. An hour or so and then enjoy!

They are very good if you are having guests becasue you can make them the day before and then heat them a bit before severing.

I love these more then cake and they really are a joy too make.


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