Chaat—India’s Fast Food

Chaat is a general term for different kinds of road side snack food.

I remember when my husband first introduced me to chaat right after we married. There was a little Indian grocery store just down the street from our apartment. We didn’t shop there but there was a little chaat snack bar. I was hooked and we started going more often.

When we moved and we no longer had easy access to chaat we spent some time trying to find a new one. We found one that is decent but far away.

But then we started trying to make our own. Pani-Puri is actually easily made at home. You can buy the little puri’s already made in your Indian grocery store (50 for about 4.99), as well as the mix for the water. Just buy some boondi to put in the puri and maybe some chickpeas, dip the puri’s in the water you made out of the mix and there you go!

The dipping water and little fired puri's filled with boondi.

The dipping water and little fired puri’s filled with boondi.



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