Part 2: My Marriage And Family

Well, it’s been a few days and I am struggling to be able to describe my small, wonderful family that I first talked about here.

My husband is a very smart guy who has a PhD, and little common sense and I am a part-time college student who is a bit to blunt. Yup, we are different but we can get into some pretty deep and long talks about God, morals, world issues, and feminism. We are pro gay-marriage, pro women’s right and you could probably call us humanist. I don’t want to give the impression we are religious from my previous posts. We are not. We don’t drink, smoke or eat pork but we aren’t frequent mosque dwellers either. We do sometimes go but we both get tired of hearing the same lectures over and over again.  I would rather here about human rights in Islam.

But I don’t want to get into religion or politics. I promised myself when I started this blog that I wouldn’t get into it so heavy and only mention it in passing (such has Eid).

We have one cat, mentioned at the top of the first page. Her name is Chamkee and it’s a Urdu/Hindi word for ‘sequin’ and ‘bright’. She has beautiful bright green eyes and follows us everywhere. She doesn’t like strangers and she is pretty quiet. She is a member of our family and much loved.


Her beautiful green eyes.

We dream of visiting Scotland more then India, thought we are hoping to visit India in the next year. I really want to see Skara Brae, in Scotland. Why? I have no idea. I saw pictures of Scotland and said “I am going there.”

We spend most of our days living a quiet, childfree life. I enjoy taking care of my car, detest doing the dishes and can’t understand where all the dirty ones come from. We are both night owls and like to go to out for ice cream cones where we will talk in the car and late night junk food runs.

We have adapted to each other. Grown together and learned. And we still are, always. It’s the most complex yet simple relationship I have ever been in. It’s also the most trustworthy.

To be continued…


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