I Like Kate Middleton

The Imperial State Crown of Great Britain

The Imperial State Crown of Great Britain

And not in the gossip columns way. I don’t normally pay attention to celebrities and I don’t read People magazine. But yesterday, I found myself looking at a ultra glossy ( general, less gossipy) magazine with her on the cover and I actually bought it. And actually read it. Much to my husband’s annoyance.


Well, I am getting older. I realized about 6 months ago that I am now in my mid-twenties. Not longer seen as a teenager or young adult who doesn’t know anything.  Even car insurances companies take you more seriously as this age. ( I am hoping becasue of my good driving record they may…I don’t know…drop the rates a bit? My husband hopes. ). You suddenly find yourself in your closet looking at your clothes and thinking it’s all too young for you. Suddenly you are grown, an adult. You peers are ‘settling down’ and you are settling down into careers with health benefits instead of ‘just a job’.

I suddenly looked around me and realized I couldn’t find a role model. Lady Gaga? Britney Spears? Beside the odd friend from school who is married most people my age are still getting drunk in bars every night. I simply don’t know anyone else close to me or that I can relate too. I don’t fit that. I am older ( maybe wiser?) and I feel that I need someone a bit more settled in life.

Kate Middleton is becoming iconic like it or not. She is a woman with a lot of potential in front of her and the energy to do it. When she talks people listen. She has the power to do things and make a difference I will probably never have.

And she has got some great dress sense too.

So I look up to her. And out of respect for her, my ethics and my own reading needs, I still wont pick up the gossip columns about her or her family but I will wish them the best.


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