Oh The Joy Of Being Married To The First Son

Bangles my mother in law sent me.

Bangles my mother in law sent me.

My husband is the 2nd oldest of his siblings. A sister came before him so when my husband came along 2 years later there was a lot of pressure and anxiety about having a boy. My mother-in-law was placed under great stress and there was even talk of getting a new wife if she did not produce a son.

So there was great joy when my husband was born and his 2 brothers after him.

So as I am married to the oldest son of the family I get top billing.  A little bit more exceptions are placed on me and more respect is shown.

The current perk is that I get to choose what color Eid clothes I want out of the bulk of clothes my mother in law has bought her 3 daughter-in-laws. I don’t know what colors she has but if I pick a color she does not have she says she will go out and buy it for me. But I am picking blue becasue I always see her wearing blue or pink in pictures. I know she will probably have those colors and don’t want to add to her busy schedule.

I also feel greatly respected. My in-laws could just ignore me and not do any of the things they do. They could have never sent me Eid clothes that first year we were married and since I am not of their culture I would have never known they weren’t doing that yet doing in for my Indian counter-parts. They didn’t have to take the time to go out and purchase me clothing, take it somewhere to get tailored and then ship it overseas (with expensive shipping).

I have heard horror stories about intercultural marriages and Indian parents reactions. But it is all going back to this post about how my in-laws greatly respect my husband and his judgment so therefore respect me and his decision to marry me. I feel lucky against the statistics.

But I am treated like a full Indian member of their family. She seems to treat me as she would if I was Indian. Which can be both good and bad…but that’s a different topic for a different day.

This is only about half of the whole set. Lots of Bling!

This is only about half of the whole set. Lots of Bling!


3 thoughts on “Oh The Joy Of Being Married To The First Son

  1. Lucky you!!!
    I married the youngest son of my Indian in laws.
    I can honestly say I survived the ‘Indian daughter in law treatment’ (choti bahu).
    Well, lets just say I put up with it for about 2 weeks & then all hell broke loose.

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