I Give Up; The Search For A Reliable Indian Clothing Company


Laad Bazaar, Hyderabad, India. Credit: Wikipedia, Author Sissssou.

There is a big name Indian clothing company that offers tailor made clothing and they will ship right to your door anywhere for 1 week to a month after ordering it. They have thousands upon thousands of choices so it all sounds good right?

I have ordered from them more then a few times and more then half the time they get it wrong. Often with mistakes that make me think that they think I am just a American who doesn’t know good Indian clothes if it came up and hit me in the face. They will make the dumbest mistakes in their tailoring and with big differences in sizing depending on who is stitching your clothing even if you give the same size. Half the time the clothing would show up and it would be unwearable. Sometimes with such big mistakes (once, the hole for your head being so small you couldn’t get your head into it. My head isn’t that big…) that it was impossible to re-sell on ebay unless I want poor ebay ratings.

Returns were almost impossible and even though they accepted them the company would often just argue with me and not stand by their products or mistakes. I know if I walked into a store here and they didn’t offer returns I would probably runaway screaming.

And in this day and age, with the voice of the internet so powerful it is simply to easy to go on to yelp, twitter, facebook, WOT, Google reviews and leave bad reviews. It is so easy to worn off your friends, family and co-workers that a site, business, restaurant is bad news. Even with overseas vendors can’t hide as WOT gives you easy access to trustworthiness of websites. And I am a big review reader and leaver of reviews.

But I still ordered (now past tense as I wont be again) for two reasons. There was a demand, I did need them for occasions. Parties, weddings, semi-causal, causal. Parties, mosque, weddings, get-togethers.  Of course they are not something I wear daily or even weekly but Indian clothes have subtle differences that can make them suitable or unsuitable depending on the occasion, which means you need great variety. Color, embroidery, style…the list goes one. Again, another day and another post…

Also I ordered becasue of pride. I didn’t want to have to depend on my mother-in-law for all my clothing needs. That didn’t sound fair to her. And as an American, I am unused to people taking so much trouble like that; Shopping in India as I understand it is not easy. Americans tend to be independent and I am no different.

So ends my search for a reliable company. I have tired two others with the same results. And I have also tired Indian jewellery stores and again same results. I guess it is now up to my mother in law. Who buys wonderful clothing and they are perfectly stitched. Years of shopping at the same store and having the same tailor.

I wish they sold online, they would have my business.


3 thoughts on “I Give Up; The Search For A Reliable Indian Clothing Company

  1. The company is still agruing with me. They are now asking I send them pictures of the part order they shipped showing what they did wrong. They are asking me (more like telling me) to not cancel the order but if I tell them what they did wrong they wont make the same mistake. I have asked them three times for my money back and they still wont give it too me.

  2. Asalaam Walekum Ayesha,
    When I’m in the US I buy Indian clothing (and Muslim) clothing from EastEssence.com.
    I’ve found them to be affordable, good quality, fast & reliable.
    They are based in California but the clothing looks like it is made in the Punjab.
    The quality seven better than what I can ordinarily buy when I’m in India.
    Hope that helps!

    • I have heard margin things about eastessence.com. However, they are a bit to religious in style for me, specializing more in Abayas, then salwar kameez. I am looking for trendy and don’t want religion involved in my clothing.

      I am lucky that my mother-in-law sends me clothing though her choices are more traditional.

      Thank you very much for your input.

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