Mother-In-Law: Great Respect

School Girls in Afghanistan

Credit: Wikipedia. Author:Capt. John Severns, U.S. Air Force.
School Girls in Afghanistan

My father-in-law payed my mother in law some great respect a few days ago.

My in-laws had been searching for some land to buy. After saving money and their sons sending them money they were finally able to make a purchase.

My mother-in-law has never worked outside of the home, didn’t go past the 9th grade and can barely read in her own mother tongue. But my husband told my father in law to give the land to his mother. Put the land in her name. She has worked very hard her whole life yet has no money or anything of value of her own. She has worked for over 4o years without getting paid.

My father in law agreed with my husband. Now, my mother in law is the proud owner of a piece of India. And the only owner. My father in law nor anyone else is on the deed to the land.


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