Smilies And Cars


Husband and I are amateur car people. We enjoy cars and I find cleaning, polishing and waxing my car to be relaxing. Much to the guy at the local Auto shops amusement. Apparently he doesn’t get many car liking females in his store.  I am a kitten loving, lace wearing, lipstick girl so maybe I don’t always look the part.

This weekend our local art’s center was hosting a rare car exhibition and we went to it. Our local art’s center is a huge, very well funded, made of marble culture relief. Without it and the symphony hall sometimes I would think our city didn’t have much of a culture…outside of it’s own deeply rooted and sometimes backward thoughts. So there is hope yet…Wind Of Change.

It was wonderful. We relaxed, looked at the cars and enjoyed the beauty of the center. We bought a few car related things from the gift shop like tourist and even decided to become members to the Art Center.

We are also member’s of our local Zoo, three libraries and have decided we need to find at least one more culture related thing to become a member of.

I also filed out some paperwork today to volunteer at my local library. I already have a part-time volunteer job but have decided that I would like to add another.


1930 Bugatti Type 46 Semi-profile Coupe


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