Fitness Goals

I am a big believer in the power of goals. I was once in the hospital, very sick and they told me to have goals. Even just daily goals will help. Sometimes I could do a better job and do more of my goals but I do try for the most part.

When I got married I put on some weight, which was okay as I was still ‘normal’ for my height. I then had a job for 2 months and lost 20 pounds but then quit the job becasue I got sick again and gained it back. Then I was put on medication which caused me to gain weight and I am now considered overweight. I have never been overweight in my life and I have to say it can sometimes be embarrassing. Now my GP sees me as being overweight and I have started to get lecture about it from my doctors. I now have hard time finding clothes that fit in stores.  I also have developed stretch marks

So I decided I can’t live like this anymore. I used to be active and healthy. Into hiking and running. I joined a gym and plan on getting a personal trainer to help me becasue for the most part I have no idea how to start. I want to make it a goal to enter those 5k and walks. There are many every month in my area. I can’t enter all of them but I can enter the walks and then train for the 5ks.

It is possible and I know it.


One thought on “Fitness Goals

  1. It’s definitely hard to stay motivated. I know I can’t unless my mind has something new to focus itself on – so exploring or solving a puzzle as I exercise (or as I cook). Husband prefers his runkeeper social network where they all geek out on their running stats. Horses for courses, I guess!

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