Cycling; I Would Love Too But…

I would love to add cycling to my list of fitness activities, but from where I sit looking into buying a nice shiny Schwinn sounds pointless.

Let me explain…I live in a apartment complex with has a good amount of road but that wont work for very long before I get bored and want to go on to a adventure. My apartment complex is on a large hill with nothing around it, but at the bottom of the hill is a nice shopping center. A starbucks, gas stations, bookstores, target and little shops my local town is good for.

But getting there is a problem. The road to get there is a 4 lane busy road with a speed limit of 50, one side doesn’t even have a sidewalk and there are no bike lanes in this road. I have seen bikes on this road before and it looks daugours. And then you run into another problem. Once you get there, as far as I can tell, there is no place to put your bike. There are no bike racks or safe place to keep your bike while you are drinking your latte and reading USA Today.

I see pictures of the UK and Europe and feel a bit envious. Bike racks seem common place. I am being to wonder if one of the reason the USA has weight problems is becasue things like biking to your local food store is not safe even if you wanted too. It would be wonderful if I could spend half an hour on my bike to get some fresh bread for dinner and get my daily outing and exercise at the same time.  I could bike to my doctor’s office, bike to get my medication, bike to get a new book and even a local bakery becasue distance wise it would be perfect but it simply doesn’t look to be the least bit safe getting there and God forbid that I have to cross the street


Bicycle Racks, West Yorkshire UK.
Credit: Wikipedia. Author: Mtaylor848


5 thoughts on “Cycling; I Would Love Too But…

  1. Maybe is to bike earlier in the morning …even if only for half an hr. when the traffic is less. That’s what I do, I choose times of the day to bike. I start work quite early in the morning to avoid peak rush hrs. with cars.

    • More drivers are distracted even more in the mornings. I do understand how even earlier might help. I’ll have to check out what the traffic is like. What time do you go out?

  2. What a shame, and unfortunately not uncommon. Before I moved back to Chicago, I lived in a similar set-up. I rarely commuted by bike–there was only one route I could do safely. And, it was hard to do more than 9 miles for fun because of the small number of roads/paths to ride around–I became REALLY bored REALLY quickly. I have to say, though, I didn’t encounter too many problems with a bike rack. I guess I was lucky for that.

    Personally, I would never ride on a 4-lane highway with a 50mph speed limit unless I absolutely HAD to (i.e., I’m already riding and get stuck and there’s no way home). Even then, I might start crying and walk my bike through the grass!

    Is that road the only way there? Are there side roads you can take, even if it adds a little mileage?

    You don’t *need* a bike rack, just something sturdy to lock your bike to. And if there’s outdoor seating and you like to sit outside, you can sit by your bike (and if your partner goes with, one can grab the coffee while the other watches).

    And, maybe there are other types of biking you’d be interested in doing. I have no idea where you live, but maybe there are mountain biking trails you can drive your bike to. It sucks to drive your bike to ride it, but it’s better than nothing? Do you live where there are rail trails? Maybe that’s something. Mountain biking trails aren’t all scary, and many are just flat paths.

    You may have already thought of these things. It just makes me sad to see a woman not ride a bike because of poor infrastructure!

    • Thanks for your feedback.

      That road is the only one and it’s a busy one.

      I doubt my husband would ever buy a bike much less tag along. And I have thought of putting it on my car. I really like the sound of mountain biking. I’ll have to look into it and see if my sports car can even have a rack put on it.

      Thanks for your suggestions.

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