Fitness Goals: The Power And Peace Of Hiking

I plan on going out for a small hike tomorrow, the first true hiking I have done in a long time.  I have actually done a lot of hiking so I knew the first thing I needed was some hiking shoes so we went to REI. I also went to check out the Camelbak’s. Camelbak’s are expensive but dead useful. My new one, which was $85 and on sale also doubles as a backpack and has 70oz. water pack. With padded shoulder strips and a harness to hold it in place it will be comfortable and sturdy though I already know it will not be the lightest Camelbak made becasue of all the backpack space.

My new hiking gear from REI. 70oz Camelbak with space space to double as a backback and Marrell Hiking shoes.

My new hiking gear from REI. 70oz Camelbak and Marrell Hiking shoes.

I know, I know….I am starting to sound like a advertisement but I find them very important.

When I was about 12 my whole family, my little self included, each had a Camelbak, so I can totally testify how useful, wonderful and safer they are. My family went on hikes all the time and we even did over night camping once in awhile. We also had first aid, snake kits and so on.

Like all my recent goals, I am on my own. While my husband is at work I plan on taking myself to different state parks around my city. My goal is one park per week and repeating a park is okay. So the Camelbak becomes more important. And becasue I would be on my own if something happens and becasue my Camelbak would be harnessed to my body it probably wont get separated from me if I really need it.

I am even thinking of going to the Zoo. We have a membership and walking around the Zoo would take me a few hours. What good exercise for those days I can’t work up the energy for hikes. Though I might ditch the heavy hiker look and leave my Camelbak at home. But that’s a different topic for a different time…

If my husband does plan on joining me for a short hike or even a light camping trip I found the perfect thing for him at REI. Camp ready Indian food. I kid you not. And I checked out the reviews and people are saying it’s pretty good.



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