Fitness Idea: Join A Group!

I was telling someone that while I love the idea of hiking and want to go hiking tomorrow I was uncomfortable being out in the wilderness by myself. My friend suggested I try finding a group to hike with which for some reason didn’t even hit me until he said it.

A quick Google search and I found a group on the first link. The group has thousands of members, is very well organized and meets several times a week! It was more then I hoped for. I was thinking that if I found a group that it would be small and only meet once every few weeks.

Apparently I am not the only one who loves hiking. It is amazing how the power of the internet can connect you with so many people who have the same interests as you. Joining a group is a great idea for so many activities and will really keep you motivated.

I am going to meet them on Tuesday so change of plans, today I might head to the Zoo for a few hours or maybe just a park to road test new my hiking boots and Camelbak.

I think hiking can be my new very healthy hobby.


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