It’s Been Too Long: My Passion For Writing Has To Contiune And So Does My Love Of College

It’s been such a long time. I apologize to those few people who follow this blog and surprising gets more followers every time I post. I really do love writing and I actually keep a very big diary. Since I write many entries in that daily and with school that keeps me very busy.

My spring term of college is almost over with just a single class period left and then mid-terms ( I admit to being nervous about that)  So far I have straight A’s this term and a perfect 100 in history. 100 on my mid-term and a 100 on my essay about a famous Civil War battlefield also with a much appreciate “Very good paper” praise from my teacher. I like that teacher very much and I tend to try to impress him much to my embarrassment. I will admit to being a bit arrogant at times and I do love to express my opinion.

I also signed up for the fall term. I plan on taking a full course load. Much to my surprise. Never before have I felt smart and worthy.

My class which I am very happy about:

My course selection at college number 1.

My course selection at college number 1.

I will be attending two colleges

I will be attending two colleges

Two colleges becasue my primary does not offer German. I am German-American and pretty proud of it. I learned some German in high school, forgotten some and remembered the basics which I don’t think I will ever forget. It’s also been a source of embarrassment that my German is not better then it is. Going to a 2nd college is out of my way but will be very much worth it. I also have to this fall becasue the intro class is only given once a year. My primary college does not offer German. I am not even sure my college will accept it towards my degree but I really don’t care. It is THAT important to me.

The rest of my course are selected based on pure joy. I love reason, logic so will love Philosophy. As I get older I lean less and less towards religion and more towards…well, almost the opposite. That is why I re-frame from telling people my faith becasue even though I am don’t look practicing and I am obliviously pretty Caucasian people seem to assume I believe and that it very much matters to me.I do believe but probably not enough. Some things I disagree with, some things my faith outright rejects of me which for now I will keep to myself. Thankfully my husband is pretty supportive of it.

My mother told me early this week that her doctors are worried she might have cancer. I offered to be there for her if she needs me. She was very happy to hear that becasue it seemed like a major reason for her call and she was very relieved to hear it.



Daily Life: College and Gym

Well, school starts in 28 days (Yes, I am counting). My classes are picked, paid for and fit perfectly into my ‘I also have a life’ schedule.  So every Tuesday and Thursday is a school day for me, from 11 to 3:20pm, with breaks.

I found a wonderful company that makes custom made Notebooks, called May Designs. I bought a custom agenda from them, that instead of a yearly 2014 calendar it is organized by weeks that you fill in yourself. They have a good 10 choices on what you want on the inside and the cover is also customized how you want it. Since I only go to school in the Spring, a yearly planner would, for the most part, be a total waste. And these custom notebooks are cloth covered, very slim and lightweight. In college you are already carrying so much stuff, so really I am very excited about my new notebook. May Designs doesn’t know it, but they really helped out this college student.


Cover design called “Rise Art Floral” with custom name plate.

My personal training is working out great. I am finally starting to feel comfortable in the gym by myself. Instead of a chore the gym is turning into something fun and exciting and I look forward to going. I do a mix of work outs, to work out different parts of the body and it keeps my interest. I do weight training, strength exercises and yoga. My trainer is a wonderful help and I really could not do it without her. I would have given up months ago but she motivated me so much by just being so positive that I kept going back. It’s really paying off for both of us becasue I am starting to feel a hobby coming on, with so many health benefits. I even invested in new minimalist trainers and a cute yoga bag and a matching gym bag by Lululemon. When school starts I am hoping to go after school becasue I find the gym work to be rewarding, mechanical and relaxing. You get into your own zone and it’s all about ‘me time’. Currently I go 5 times per week.

I am also such a girl, that things like organization, order and general cuteness just make my day so easier. I am a person that enjoys being prepared and will sometimes start hyperventilating if things happen I can’t anticipate (Yes, I do have social anxiety problems which makes college a bigger challenge).  But the gym right now is turning into a safe place and a place I can unwind.

I’m Going Back To College!



I have decided that I am going to take some classes for Spring 2014 semester. I am excited and pretty nervous becasue I had been going to college but took a year off becasue of poor health. I am hoping I can take a few classes this semester and that my health will be okay.

And no…I have no idea what I want to”be” or what degree I want. That can wait…lets just see if I can get through this semester! I had actually written college off as one of those things that I liked, but could never finish. I had given up and was starting to move on with my life.

I do know the Spring will probably be the only time I can go to college. Fall is to unpredictable for me. So Spring is it

My plan for Spring 2014 is to take English II with the same teacher I took English I with. I really enjoyed her class and her teaching style. She also has a Pop English class, it’s a fun, once a week, only worth 1 credit class…but I thought it sounded like fun. I am also thinking of taking a History 101 class, since I love history. But I haven’t decided yet. I already regsitered for all of them so my place is reversed if I decide to go. The timings work with my schedule perfectly.

I have 13 days to decide what works for me. Lots of thinking to do.