It’s Been Too Long: My Passion For Writing Has To Contiune And So Does My Love Of College

It’s been such a long time. I apologize to those few people who follow this blog and surprising gets more followers every time I post. I really do love writing and I actually keep a very big diary. Since I write many entries in that daily and with school that keeps me very busy.

My spring term of college is almost over with just a single class period left and then mid-terms ( I admit to being nervous about that)  So far I have straight A’s this term and a perfect 100 in history. 100 on my mid-term and a 100 on my essay about a famous Civil War battlefield also with a much appreciate “Very good paper” praise from my teacher. I like that teacher very much and I tend to try to impress him much to my embarrassment. I will admit to being a bit arrogant at times and I do love to express my opinion.

I also signed up for the fall term. I plan on taking a full course load. Much to my surprise. Never before have I felt smart and worthy.

My class which I am very happy about:

My course selection at college number 1.

My course selection at college number 1.

I will be attending two colleges

I will be attending two colleges

Two colleges becasue my primary does not offer German. I am German-American and pretty proud of it. I learned some German in high school, forgotten some and remembered the basics which I don’t think I will ever forget. It’s also been a source of embarrassment that my German is not better then it is. Going to a 2nd college is out of my way but will be very much worth it. I also have to this fall becasue the intro class is only given once a year. My primary college does not offer German. I am not even sure my college will accept it towards my degree but I really don’t care. It is THAT important to me.

The rest of my course are selected based on pure joy. I love reason, logic so will love Philosophy. As I get older I lean less and less towards religion and more towards…well, almost the opposite. That is why I re-frame from telling people my faith becasue even though I am don’t look practicing and I am obliviously pretty Caucasian people seem to assume I believe and that it very much matters to me.I do believe but probably not enough. Some things I disagree with, some things my faith outright rejects of me which for now I will keep to myself. Thankfully my husband is pretty supportive of it.

My mother told me early this week that her doctors are worried she might have cancer. I offered to be there for her if she needs me. She was very happy to hear that becasue it seemed like a major reason for her call and she was very relieved to hear it.



Quote Series: A Few Quotes By Anne Frank

I really enjoy Anne Frank. She was wise for her years and one of the first people to teach me compassion and understanding. She really did change my life when I first read her diary, which I read so much it started to fall apart. Thankfully my copy today was bought mostly for it’s well-made-last-me-years quality.

AnneFrankQuote1 AnneFrankQuote2