Daily Life: College and Gym

Well, school starts in 28 days (Yes, I am counting). My classes are picked, paid for and fit perfectly into my ‘I also have a life’ schedule.  So every Tuesday and Thursday is a school day for me, from 11 to 3:20pm, with breaks.

I found a wonderful company that makes custom made Notebooks, called May Designs. I bought a custom agenda from them, that instead of a yearly 2014 calendar it is organized by weeks that you fill in yourself. They have a good 10 choices on what you want on the inside and the cover is also customized how you want it. Since I only go to school in the Spring, a yearly planner would, for the most part, be a total waste. And these custom notebooks are cloth covered, very slim and lightweight. In college you are already carrying so much stuff, so really I am very excited about my new notebook. May Designs doesn’t know it, but they really helped out this college student.


Cover design called “Rise Art Floral” with custom name plate.

My personal training is working out great. I am finally starting to feel comfortable in the gym by myself. Instead of a chore the gym is turning into something fun and exciting and I look forward to going. I do a mix of work outs, to work out different parts of the body and it keeps my interest. I do weight training, strength exercises and yoga. My trainer is a wonderful help and I really could not do it without her. I would have given up months ago but she motivated me so much by just being so positive that I kept going back. It’s really paying off for both of us becasue I am starting to feel a hobby coming on, with so many health benefits. I even invested in new minimalist trainers and a cute yoga bag and a matching gym bag by Lululemon. When school starts I am hoping to go after school becasue I find the gym work to be rewarding, mechanical and relaxing. You get into your own zone and it’s all about ‘me time’. Currently I go 5 times per week.

I am also such a girl, that things like organization, order and general cuteness just make my day so easier. I am a person that enjoys being prepared and will sometimes start hyperventilating if things happen I can’t anticipate (Yes, I do have social anxiety problems which makes college a bigger challenge).  But the gym right now is turning into a safe place and a place I can unwind.


Training And Yoga

My personal trainer of one and half months is trying to get me into yoga. At first I couldn’t understand why a huge amount of people do yoga and devote their lives to it.  Quickly realized that it is now one of my favorite activates.  I am still learning but I am planning on attending a yoga class given by my trainer tomorrow.


My personal trainer is truly a gem and a joy to be around. She helps motivate me, she listens to my concerns and she has lots of great advice. She is wonderful at her job and taking it very seriously. I rarely met such a enthusiast person.


A few ago I bought my first ever yoga magazine, called Yoga Journal.  This also help to motive me and drew me into this world I have never knew before.


So far I have learned…if you are going to do something like exercise realize that going to the gym every day is totally option.  While joining a gym is great and I am a member, I don’t confine myself to it. The would suck the fun right out of being fit and healthy.



I Started On My First Goals!

Happy August everyone.

It’s been a few days since I have written. Instead of sitting around and wishing and wanting to change I actually got off my ass and did something about it. Okay, well not really…I actually sat on my ass and opened my computer to find websites and information.

So I signed up for a near by local gym. And I hired a personal trainer because I have no idea how to get myself into shape. Yes, I can buy those stupid women’s health magazines which go on about having a flat stomach and a little butt but I didn’t think that would really get me anywhere or give me the least bit support. In fact a magazine will give you no support at all becasue well…you can just throw it away if you feel it’s mocking you and your un-progress.

I really need to talk to the trainer about how to get into those things I used to be able to do. I have never been overweight before, I have never had to worry about it and now I find myself barely being able to go up the stairs so I can’t expect myself to be able to jump into a swimming pool and do 20 laps. I need to know how to start and how to reach my goals and to do it safely.

I also looked into other activities becasue as I said I know I will get bored if I just go to a gym every day. Since I used to really enjoy swimming, I found a place I can use their indoor pool when I want for $3/ visit or I can buy a pass from them for $150/year. I found a website that lists all walks and runs in my state. There are two I am interested in in the next month in my city so I looking to enter those.

I really miss horseback riding and I used to be very good at it. So I found two different places I can get lessons from so I can ride again.


There a lot of golf courses near my house and I thought…why not add that of my list of activities that I can try out?

So clearly I am not afraid of trying new things…for the most part. Add that to hiking and biking and I think I’ve got something going.

But I can also feel that I am very alone in all this. While my husband likes I am getting into fitness and having goals, it is also clear he doesn’t plan on joining me very much and well be a wet blanket. I think this is okay as I don’t mind being independent but it does leave me feeling a bit lonely. While I am busy looking up all these things and making careful notes of websites and prices he doesn’t normally pay much attention. He doesn’t know anything about swimming or horseback riding. He wouldn’t understand how a good swimming suit is important for better cutting through the water or why it’s very very important to wear the correct foot wear around horses (and no, it’s not cheap) unless you want a few toes broken on the off chance the horse steps on you.

But all in good time. I am excited about meeting the trainer in a few hours and I hope it goes well.